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The Making of Fragile....the Journey 

This has been an incredibly interesting and rewarding journey. It started in Las Vegas, where I lived for a few years, writing and playing various venues and shows, and working on my own tunes as well.  I’d spent a lot of years playing “high n’ loud” trumpet, which is rewarding in it’s own way, but now I wanted to do something more “personal”, and with the flugelhorn, and muted trumpet. With the help of my good friends there, who were so generous with their time and encouragement, I was able to get some tunes into “demo” form.

 Then one evening I was over at Lynn and Richard Smith’s house in Los Angeles  enjoying the wonderful pasta dinner they’d cooked and we listened to a few of the tunes I’d been working on. Somewhere during the second bottle of wine, Richard said “this is good stuff (I assumed he meant the music) and you should do an album.”  And so the process started in earnest.

Richard got with Dave Kochanski and they worked and re-worked four of the tunes and then I recorded the flugelhorn and trumpet parts with Gil Kaupp at UNLV studios in Las Vegas.

Gil is a fine recording engineer and an excellent trumpet player himself, and so I got  both his engineering prowess and trumpet perspective.

Along the way, Richard introduced me to Steve Trovato, guitarist extraordinaire , and a new dimension appeared. I still had more tunes to do for the album and Steve helped immensely,  not only with his great playing, but also with cool ideas and approaches.

Then Steve  introduced me to Per Kjeller (the Great Swede) and his studio and things took another turn. Not only is Per a fine Pro Tools engineer, but he’s also a  very musical guy. His contributions went far beyond “knob turning”.  And the drum parts he programmed on some of the tunes (see CREDITS) are some of the most musical ever.

 When the tunes were all recorded, I took them to Dick McIlvery, mix-master, for his special blending of all we’d done.  And when that was done, he sent me to Scott Sedillo, who works at  the legendary Bernie Grundman studios, for  his great mastering chops.

And still, the journey continues..............and you know what?..........

"Never in my life have I enjoyed more, and felt such a close personal relationship with, MUSIC than today."

Onward n’ upward,