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Glad you joined us

We’re gonna keep it simple. Just music, some pictures, a few stories, and a blog where I’ll sound off about  music that I like to listen to and why. Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe not. But hopefully you’ll find it interesting.  

Here's a sample of my first album "Fragile"

  • Funk Not Funk0:34
  • Emelina0:29
  • Field of Grace0:40
  • Samba Nueva0:31
  • Laser0:27
  • Nahlos Dream0:27
  • Ode to Billy Jo0:36
  • Fragile0:45
  • Spinning0:29
  • Bonkers0:36

Just ask the bird.

The bird in the picture is named Tequila. It lived on the beach at Rosarito, Mexico. Loved to dive-bomb people. Mess with their hair. This particular day it kept trying to land on my horn while I was playing. We had a lengthy conversation.

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