Bruce G Music

About PLUS ONE (a collection of some of out favorite love songs)

My favorite instrument in the whole world is the acoustic guitar. When I get to play with an 
exceptional guitarist, it brings out some musical energies that I hadn’t known before.

I’ve thought a few times about buying a really good one for myself, but then remember that, alas 
and alack...........I don’t know how to play one!!

So I called the best guy I know for the job.

When Steve Trovato agreed to do this project with me I was more than thrilled. 

It’s just the two of us. Guitar and flugelhorn. And we had some really great musical 

This Masquerade-The wonderful Leon Russell song. I first heard it when I was playing in a bar 
in New Orleans. Loved it then, love it now. 

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry- the evergreen written by Hank Williams. It’s been done by lots of  
artists, but the one that inspired me the most is Tuck and Patti’s. So haunting, so lovely, so lonely.

Steve’s tapestry on this one captures every nuance I first heard on Tuck and Patti’s recording. 
He made it really easy for me to play.

Love Potion #9- How many people have done this one? But not this way! We came up with a 
funk approach that’s really quite different than what we started out to do.

Hallelujah- Many artists have played and sung this one. One of the most memorable melodies 
ever. Leonard Cohen remains one of the top story tellers of our time.

Fire and Rain- The sorrowful James Taylor anthem. There are many variations of the story of 
this song, but it’s wrapped up to perfection in the last line....”I always thought I’d see you again”.

And a special shout-out to Per Kjeller “The Mighty Swede”, engineer supreme, whose golden 
ears and musical sensitivities helped us keep this project on track.